Ukulele – The most unlikely comeback in music history!

The Uke, as most musicians know, was casually quite popular from the 1920’s all the way up to the late 50’s and early 60’s. This was the case despite the fact that instrument was never a “Serious” instrument, it never had a place in a symphony orchestra, or as a music major’s main instrument at Juilliard’s. The Ukulele was always a casual relatively easy to play, fun little instrument. But then along come Tiny Tim in the late 60’s and single handedly relegates the uke to “Clown Prop Status” for about 30 years! LOL Thanks to George Harrison and Paul McCartney, and Eddie Vetter and other for making it cool again.

Usualy a soprano, concert, or tenor sized Uke is tuned G,C,E,A the same as the highest 4 strings of a guitar capo-ed at the 5th fret, so any guitar player can play one nearly instantly. Secondly since so many of the chords are one or two fingered, it is a simple instrument to play. Thirdly really nice quality ukuleles can be bought for 1/3rd of the cost of a similar quality. Like a $125 uke is about the same quality as a typical $350-$400.00 guitar.

Since we began stocking significant numbers of Ukuleles, beginning in early 2009 the sales of ukes here at the shop has exceeded all of our most optimistic expectations. As of this writing (April 20th, 2017) 2,661 “Open for Business” days have elapsed. Okc Music has sold in that span 2,374 Ukuleles. We’ve often boasted that we sell a uke a day, but really I guess it’s more like 0.895 Uke’s a day.. Total Dollars done in that time is $190,323.58. Now nearly two hundred thousand dollars worth of ukuleles may sound like a lot, but it means the average uke we sell costs $80.17. Yes thanks for reading this. Take this as great evidence that here at OKC Music and Sound, we are truly Uke-Crazy!

Most of all Ukuleles are fun to play, and easy to live with. OKC Music carries Kala Brand Ukes as well as Penguin, and Amahi along with a good selection of books and accessories. Come check out the best selection in the state.

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