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Great sounding, latest generation portable sound for your meetings, parties, and special events. Affordable, scalable, with easy pick-up and drop-off, make your occasion a super sounding success!! All systems are supplied with speaker stands and all necessary cabling including 3.5mm to dual RCA. Microphone(s), wired, and wireless priced separately, and include mic stand. Systems 3 and 4 feature optional wedge monitor capability and Sunday’s Never Count.

Now, Let us deliver and run sound for you!

OKC Music is offering “Attended Sound" within a 35 Mile radius of the city! (Subject to availability). OKC Music will deliver, set up, and run sound for your function, then pack it up and carry it all away! No headaches, no pick up and return, and no sound tech issues! Hurry best dates always book first, and availability is limited.

Sound System Rentals

Equipment item(s)

Daily rate:

Extra Day(s)

System 1 

Medium: Peavey Escort portable system
300Watts, 2x 1-10” speakers- Large stands
20-90 People 3,000 sq ft +/-



System 2A

Med-Large: Peavey XR-8300/2-PVX-112
600 Watts, (2x 300) 9 ch 2 Large stands, 50′
up to 150 people 4500 sq ft+/-



System 2B

Med-Large: Peavey XR-8300/2-PVX-112
600 Watts, (2x 300) 9 ch 2 Large stands, 50′
up to 150 people 4500 sq ft+/- (+size speakers + more lows)



System 3

Large: Peavey XR-8600/2-SP-5BX
1200 watts (2x 600) 9 ch, 2 Large stands
up to 300 people 6000 sq ft +/-



Monitor Wedge(s) w/Cable
Peavey PVX-112 w/cable (Monitors available on system 2&3)

(per each)


Wired Microphone w/Stand
Pvi-2 w/20′ cable w/on off switch



Wireless Microphone w/Stand
Shure PG24/PG58 Wireless handheld

$35.00 ea


General Rental Information

All charges and/or labor and delivery charges due in advance. No system is guaranteed until paid. Daily rates are from pickup day, (Pickup time is 1:00 PM-Earlier pickup OK if gear is in-house) Returns are due by 1:00 pm on return day.

***Extra “day(s)” as defined as 1:00 PM on pickup day until 1:00PM return day. IE: Pickup Thursday by 1:00 PM, Return Saturday before 1:00 PM etc

Short term sound system rentals from OKC Music and Sound require the customer to have a Government issued ID, and a valid credit or debit card – Sorry, no exceptions as insurance requires these limitations – Card will be put on file by OKC Music. Card info 100% purged upon return-Customer will be liable for repairs due to abusive use-(wear and tear excepted.) Late days beyond the return date, will be charged against CC on file User operation error causing non performance of rented system will not dismiss charges, and OKC Music’s liability for system failure is strictly limited to the rental charges themselves)