Private Music Lessons

OKC Music has an all new teaching facility featuring eight teaching rooms. Each private teaching studio is equipped with video monitoring viewable from the waiting area. Some of the regions finest instructors offer personalized private one on one instruction in several instruments. Private music lessons from OKC Music are $80.00 a month. This is for weekly half hour lessons, regardless of whether there are four or five lesson opportunities in a given month. A once weekly half hour is plenty of time for a student to get material and instruction that should keep them busy with their DAILY 30-90 minutes of individual practice* time.

*FYI: Private music instruction is only as effective as the amount of personal effort and dedication to regular practice time between the lessons themselves. This is particularly true during the first 6 to 8 weeks of a student’s initial effort to learn the fundamentals of their instrument. All possible support, encouragement, and accommodation should be made for the beginner to maximize the chances of making an effective start. Once this is done, then begins the fun!