OKC Music and Sound is proud to offer fine fretted instruments from Collings, Fender, Godin, and Peavey along with an always changing supply of used instruments from other major brands.

Oklahoma City Music and Sound selects the best models from the best suppliers, and carefully sets these instruments to the specs that the pickiest pro players demand.

Acoustic Guitars

Collings acoustic and electric guitars offer the finest tone and fit and finish in the world. A small shop builder in Austin Texas, Collings offers acoustic guitars (No factory pickups available), as well as Mandolins, solid and semi-solid electrics, and carved F-Hole instruments.  Collings will not be everyone’s cup of tea, since they start at just over $3000.00, but having said that, as straight acoustic steel string guitars go, Collings are the finest thing I have ever heard, and felt.  Don’t take my word for it-let the instruments speak for themselves. Come see and hear these awesome works of art here at Oklahoma’s only Collings dealer, OKC Music and Sound.

Economic Guitars


In an effort to bring our customers the very best quality, and value in musical instruments and accessories, OKC Music and Sound has imported a great line of inexpensive acoustic guitars, directly from the manufacturer. We have also sourced many popular accessories, at much better prices than the big name versions, that come from the same producers.

Imported Guitars that sell for $399.00 and under are built by a small number of actual factories (Many quite good), and imported by dozens of different companies, with famous, and not so famous names.

These factories will also sell “house branded” versions of these same guitars, tuners, cases, capos etc. Here at OKC Music, we are always looking for the least expensive instrument, that will not discourage and disappoint a new or returning player. OKC Music Direct lets us sell instruments well under $150.00 that we are proud to offer. Instruments that will delight the enthusiast with first rate playability, and rich rewarding tone.