Musical Instrument amps are unique in that their job is not to “accurately” reproduce the signal from the instrument.Instead the job of an amplifier, in addition to making it loud enough for the application, is to impart a unique tone to the instrument, to color the sound in the very specific way desired by the player. An electric guitar, or bass’s sound cannot be separated from the amp. Many vacuum tube designs, as well as the latest solid state designs along with digital signal processing based effects are all part of what makes up the best in modern musical instrument amplification. All of which can be found at surprisingly affordable price points here at OKC Music and Sound.

OKC Music is proud to offer musical instrument amplifiers and processors from Peavey, Ibanez, Zoom, Hartke, Dan Electro, Mod Tone, as well as the ever changing selection of pre-owned units from many of today’s finest makers.

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