About Us

OKC Music and Sound’s management and staff have decades of experience in music and music retail. Above all else these many years have taught us what works, and what doesn’t for end users in guitars, amps, sound gear, and drums and percussion.

Now we all know that this is a new day with national chain retailers bringing awesome selection, good pricing, and good looking merchandising to the table, not to mention the Internet. With all this in mind what can a 5,000 square foot music store bring to the process? Nothing except the expertise of the buyers, and retail floor people involved, as well as a calmer more laid back atmosphere. OKC Music and Sound will always make special efforts to keep our selection of instruments in good condition

Make no mistake, it is no random thing that OKC Music and Sound doesn’t carry every brand around. Each brand and model of instrument in the house is hand selected to be an outstanding value, that should easily exceed your expectations

OKC Music and Sound is located at 7423 N May Avenue in Oklahoma City. We are between NW 63rd, and Britton Road on the West side of the street, in the same strip shops as Freddies Frozen Custard, and Vintage Stock Music, Movies, and Games.

Our Hours are Monday-Friday 10:00 AM-6:00 PM, and Saturday, 10:00AM-5:00PM.

Our Staff


Hello, My name is Robin E. Venters. I was born August 26th, 1953 here in Oklahoma City. In 1971, I went to work for Landrum’s Guitar Center at 4305 N. Western, here in Oklahoma City. During the two years that I worked at Landrum’s Guitar Center, I informally apprenticed with the nationally known author, guitar builder, and repairman Don Teeter. The main focus, during my first several years in the music business, was guitar repair. I went to work for Driver Music Company in September of 1973. Driver Music was at the time, the largest music and sound retailer in the state.

In November of 1984,I obtained a position with Peavey Electronics, in Meridian Mississippi. My initial job description at Peavey was Factory Guitar and Amplifier Clinician. My primary duties were to travel with the Factory Reps, and do dealer and consumer technical and sales training. In September of 1987 I obtained the position with Peavey of Authorized Area Sales Representative for Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and most of Arkansas. In The Summer of 2008 I handed Peavey my resignation, and my opening order.  It certainly turned out that I picked a bad time to start a retail shop as 2008- and 2009 were two of the worst years for the retail music business in the last 20.  Lucky we made it, if only by a small margin.

All of this background information is just to say that due to seeing so many retailers, I have had the great good fortune to see operations that really took great care of their customers, and some that didn’t do it so well. My intention is to create a pleasant shop that can provide my family and employees an income stream, while offering the music enthusiast a nice place to shop, free of the chaos of the chain stores, with as good or better prices as any source, filled with both the expected, and the surprising merchandise that will exceed the players expectations. Hey that may sound “hype laden", or “questionably idealistic", but I sincerely look forward to getting up in the mornings, and doing what I can to add some value to the local community.  The shop has done well enough to keep the doors open, but not so great as to burden me with great personal wealth.  I feel I could handle great personal wealth without it ruining me but, just not an option, so we assume all is as it is supposed to be.


Phillip Dietz is our newest young guy full timer. Phillip is in many ways a great sales person to help many of you, as he is a hobby player, who is very enthusiastic and still learning the instruments himself. A solid player, and a real product knowledge geek, Phillip is on fire for the joy and fun that playing a musical instrument can bring to a person, whether a virtuoso in training, or a casual player who wants to strum and sing fun songs. I’m not saying the older guys around here are “Burn Outs”.. LOL But Phil still gets really excited over a great $100.00 item.

Phillip has also become our top go to guy on sound system rentals, and is going to be our main “Man in the field”, running sound for your events with our newly established outside “Sound Tech” service we are offering. (See Rentals Tab)   ​


Jesse Cheatwood, is originally from New Mexico. Jesse has been here in Oklahoma for several years working in the high-end bicycle business.

Jesse is a solid finger style player with many years of playing experience. His dad was a well know guitar builder and repairman, and is even mentioned in Don Teeter’s book from the 1970’s as the inventor of the guitar string based cleat setter tool.

Jesse’s considerable mechanical skills is helping him quickly become one of the go-to guys around here for guitar set ups, and more!


Taylor (like the guitar) Overholser (like the lake) is our Internet coordinator and floor sales professional. Taylor is an excellent bass player, and quite knowledgeable about vintage American musical gear. Taylor plays Bass in the very popular Oklahoma band “The Wurly Birds”.

Taylor is here during the week, and always available for help and advice on basses and many others subjects! Come see Taylor soon, because if you listen to the Wurly Birds on YouTube you’ll know that Taylor and the rest of the group could easily be “gone to the big time” soon!