Message From the Manager

OKC Music and Sound’s management and staff have decades of experience in music and music retail. Above all else these many years have taught us what works, and what doesn’t for end users in guitars, amps, sound gear, and drums and percussion.

Now we all know that today with national chain retailers bringing awesome selection, good pricing, and good looking merchandising to the table, not to mention the Internet,  what can a 5,000 square foot music store bring to the process?  Nothing except the expertise of the  people involved, as well as a calmer more laid back atmosphere. OKC Music and Sound will always make special efforts to keep our selection of instruments in good condition. While treating our younger moneyless customers with dignity and respect, we will ask them kindly to not spend hours playing on the merchandise, so that the floor models will not be beat up.  ;-)

Make no mistake, it is no random thing that OKC Music and Sound doesn’t carry every brand around. Each brand and model of instrument in the house is hand selected to be an outstanding value, that should easily exceed your expectations.

The very nicest thing about this business is that we are selling and trading in merchandise that is fun, and good for the soul!  We would love to be “Your Favorite” music store, and will work hard everyday to earn your trust, and

Come and see us Monday through Friday from 10:00-6:00, and Saturday from 10:00-5:00 (Closed Sunday), and let us show you some of the excellent stuff we’ve found from the worlds best builders.

Peavey, Ibanez,  Taylor, Collings, G &L, Heritage, Tama, Gretsch, Takamine, Shure, and many many more fine quality musical products are all here and in stock for your consideration….come see us!!