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OKC Music and Sound is proud to offer fine fretted instruments from Peavey, Ibanez, G & L, Taylor, Morgan Monroe, Indiana and Takamine, along with an always changing supply of used instruments from other major brands.

Oklahoma City Music and Sound selects the best models from the best suppliers, and carefully sets these instruments to the specs that the pickiest pro players demand.

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Gretsch GuitarOKC Music and Sound is dedicated to providing you with as good or better prices on music and sound gear, as can be found from any source, on-line or in any local shop, or national chain.

Our selection of instruments and related equipment will always include unique brands and items you won’t find elsewhere, as well as many of the staple items needed by today’s creative musicians.

We are always looking to buy your used gear, and trade-ins are welcome!

Free Layaway with 1/4th down and 3 months to pay is always available so you can nail down that unique piece to add to your collection.

Come see us Monday through Friday from 10:00-6:00, and Saturdays from 10:00 till 5:00.


From Paul McCartney to Eddie Vetter, to Billy Corrigan, to Train with their smash hit “Hey Soul Sister”, The Ukulele is back and hot as it can be! There are many reasons for this surge in popularity. First a  soprano, concert, or tenor sized Uke  is tuned the same as the top 4 strings of a guitar capoed at the 5th fret, so any guitar player can play one nearly instantly.  Secondly since so many of the chords are one or two fingered, it is a simple instrument to play. Thirdly really nice quality ukes can be bought for $50-$250, with some even less. Most of all Ukuleles are fun to play, and handy easy to live with.  OKC Music carries Kala Brand Ukes as well as Pono, and Collings along with a good sellection of books and accesories for your uking pleasure!! Come check out the best selection in the state.


Guitar amps are unique  in that they are NOT supposed to be high fidelity…Instead they are designed to “color” the sound, and often to distort it, and to do so in a very specific way. Many otherwise competent electronic engineers, could never design a guitar amp that would make most guitar players happy, because the amp would be too clean.   It is nearly a black art to build guitar amps with the “Right” tone. That right tone is a dynamic thing that changes with touch and attack. Peavey, Budda, Jet City by Soldano, are but a few of the best builders of Guitar amps that have “it”. Come see us for a great sellection of Amplifiers that can help you get your own sound!

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Amari Guitars are here !

”OKC Music’s #1 Choice for Economy, AND Tone!”

Compares with other brands @ $259.99-$349.99

Click here for more information about our Amari guitars

Click here to View Amari model 418C

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Vendor Spotlight

Factory Authorized Dealer Taylor and Collings Guitars

Taylor Guitars are the market leader today in better quality acoustic, acoustic electric, and electric guitars. Taylor has accomplished this leadership and sales success by bringing to the player, the best playing, easiest to maintain, best sounding plugged in guitars in the history of the luthier’s art. OKC Music is proud to feature Taylor as it’s #1 go-to line of better acoustics. You owe it to yourself to check out these awesome instruments, and OKC Music is just where you should.  Because we are fully trained in set-up and adjustment, and because we keep our wide selection in carefully controlled environments, you can be sure your Taylor will be tip-top, ready to rock, and we’ll be here to help you keep it that way for years to come.