Welcome to OKC Music and Sound

     OKC Music and Sound is dedicated to providing our customers with musical instruments and associated gear, at prices as good or better than ANY source, including on-line or chain stores. Our selection of instruments and related equipment will always include unique brands and items you won’t find elsewhere, as well as many of the staple items needed by today’s creative musicians. We believe we are the strongest buyers of high quality used gear in town. Which leads to our having an ever changing selection of highly desirable unique used and vintage pieces.

     We are happy to offer our customers an honest evaluation of an item’s value, and in many cases we will be happy to make you an offer! Trade-ins are welcome! Free Layaway with 25% down and 3 months to pay is always available so you can nail down that unique piece to add to your collection.


Collings, Fender, Godin, Gretsch, & more… Check out our great guitar selection!


Kala, Amahi, Kanile’a, et al.


Peavey, Fender, AER, & Fishman

We Buy Used Gear & Equipment!

Bring us your guitars, amps and effects that you want to get moved, and we’ll help you establish a fair retail price to ask if you want to sell it on Craigslist or Ebay, or we’ll often be happy to make you a cash offer, that is as close to that retail number as we can manage! The strongest buyer in the state leads to the best in recent issue “used" gear, as well as the occasional vintage gem. Used and trade-ins is out #1 single category. We don’t make a huge margin on used, but it sells QUICK which means it’s priced right.

Vendor Highlight: Collings Guitars

OKC Music is proud to be an authorized Dealer for both Collings, and Waterloo Guitars. These very limited production instruments achieve levels of consistency and excellence that must be heard and felt to be believed.  Handcrafted is an overused word in guitar marketing, one with no universal definition.  Collings seamlessly integrates double and triple checked quality controlled processes that involve literally 8 to 10 times the man hours of the larger US high end builders.  Legendary for the quality and grade of the raw materials that make the cut,  Collings simply will not spend the 40 to 50 hand labor hours it takes to build an instrument that bears this name plate,with less than the best possible pieces from the world’s finest tone woods.  Collings acoustic and electric guitars sound and play so good, that it’s nearly impossible to tell just how great they are, without comparing them directly.  Bring in your favorite guitar and do the A/B. Just watch out, these works of playable art can be compelling to a degree that can only be described as obsessive.